Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teachers’ Day Celebration with our teachers: September 6

Teachers’ day was celebrated with full zest on 6th September 2014. Different activities were planned for teachers working with our Community Based Educational Programme and School Partnership Programme. Activities included Fashion Show, Comedy Express, Mad Ad world, Jhalak Dikhlaja (Dance talent show) and Sa re ga ma pa (Singing talent show). Each and every teacher was involved in some or the other activity. The celebration was celebrated with full enthusiasm. We were happy to see all our teachers actively participating and for enjoying the event thoroughly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Self Study 
center at Door Step School :7 August
Door Step School started an initiative of self study center wherein children can come after school to study. As the houses of these children are too small and children face lot of disturbances, the BalSamuha room in Transit camp premises of Cuff Parade has been made available for Balsamuha kids for self study. It has found that children also approach the teachers and coordinators for difficulties during studying. 
Door Step School kids go eco-friendly this Ganesh Festival:28 August

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi always brings a lot of enthusiasm and joy. During this period of ten days Kids enjoy the most in their own innocent ways. Door Step School made the celebration more grander by teaching kids the importance of Three R’s(Reduce  ,Reuse and Recycle).Children made hand puppets of  Ganesha from using old papers and  CDs. When Eco- Ganesha was ready kids felt happy and proud of their handicraft.
Door Step School Kids at Kidzania Theme Park  :17 August

Kidzania Theme park focuses on giving the kids a wonderful learning-while-playing experience through role-playing of the profession they want to pursue when they grow up..Children enjoyed playing roles of a chef, a fireman, a beautician, a doctor and a construction worker; piloting a plane, surgeons, waiters/cooks at a restaurant, and as TV hosts and cameramen. Through this activity kids got knowledge of different professions they can pursue. The experience was so realistic that kids lost themselves in activities. Ramzan said that “I can become fireman and help people by extinguishing fire. Aarthi said that “Didi I will become a pilot and take people to different places of their choice”. 
Independence day celebration at Door Step School:15 August

Door Step School  celebrated Independence day with great joy and pomp like every year. On 15 th August Flag hoisting was done in the community by the local authorities. Door Step School Teachers and  coordinators along children actively participated in this ceremony. A day prior to 15 th August children made flags by collage work. . They carried this flag at the time of flag hosting in community with them. Namarta was very happy to  carry Indian flag with her friends. On Independence day  she took the lead in the march through the community and chanted slogans to spread importance of the day. Teachers always motivated children to collected the flags which are dropped on the streets on the next day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kids enjoy the Open deck bus ride and explore Mumbai city.

Children of Study class and Non Formal education went for the open deck bus ride.The motto behind the  ride was to give opportunity to children to explore landmarksand heritage structure in Mumbai.Children enjoyed the view from the top and were astonished see the view of Arabian sea.They went crazy singing songs and dancing all the way.Anita after watching the Twin tower said that"This is the glass palace.People here must be very happy residing in such a big houses."

7 days Capsule training for Reading promoters:4-11 June

Our training team conducted training session for Reading promoters.In this session Reading promoters were trained on listening skills,Mime and different features of efficient Story narration.Through this training they were taught how to select good books for children.In last two days of the session training team did observation on how they do assessment of children's performance using the indicators.